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AK KBEAR Cīrulis 1DD+1BA ar 4 kodoliem 4N Tīra Vara Uzlabot Kabelis ar Importa MEMS Mic

AK KBEAR Cīrulis 1DD+1BA ar 4 kodoliem 4N Tīra Vara Uzlabot Kabelis ar Importa MEMS Mic

Austiņas & Austiņas

    €24.66 €35.22
    • (4)

SKU: d195

Tagi: 16 kodols, c pin kz, fiio austiņas, kbear cīrulis, earphon, rock zircon, kbear, austiņas ie800, aftershokz, raycon.


  • Zīmola Nosaukums: kbear
  • Ūdensizturīgs: No
  • Aktīvā Trokšņu Slāpēšana: No
  • Frekvenču Diapazons: 20 - 20000Hz
  • Skaļuma Kontrole: No
  • Līnijas Garums: 1.2 mm
  • Savienotāji: 3.5 mm
  • Atbalsta Atmiņas Kartes: No
  • Kontaktdakšas Tips: L Locīšana
  • Atbalsts APP: No
  • Vocalism Princips: Hibrīda tehnoloģijas
  • Jutība: 105dBdB
  • Modeļa Numurs: kbear
  • Vadības Pogas: No
  • Bezvadu: No
  • Stils: Auss
  • Ar Mikrofonu: No
  • Izturība: 16ΩΩ
  • Izcelsme: KN(Izcelsmes valsts)
  • Paziņojums: Ar vadu

AK KBEAR Cīrulis 1DD+1BA ar 4 kodoliem 4N Tīra Vara Uzlabot Kabelis ar Importa MEMS Mic

Piezīme: Draugs, ja jums ir interese KBEAR Cīrulis, pls sazinieties ar mani, lai atlaide :) Specifikācija: 1. Produkta Nosaukums: KBEAR Cīrulis 2. Zīmols: KBEAR 3. Modelis: KBEAR Cīrulis 4. Austiņu tips: Ausu Austiņas 5. Pilnā pretestība: 16 Ω 6. Austiņu jutīgums: 105dB 7. Frekvenču diapazons:20Hz-20KHz 8. Plug Type: 3.5 mm 9.Krāsas: Violeta, Zaļā, Pelēkā 10.Vai ar kabeli:Jā 11.Austiņas savienotājs:2 pin savienotājs, TFZ 3.5 ir vairāk tērps Cīrulis 12 .Vai var nomaiņa vads: Jā

Loai Zizoo


Big headphones. Very high quality. Perfect salesman.

Glus Landa


Good building materials. I liked the quality of low and medium frequencies. But the high tones are not. Very bright and depends very much on the type of eartips you use. Recommended if you like bright sound. Packaging is very well done, they include two sets of good quality tips, the soulo cable fulfills its work, the case is very practical and good construction. That's right, it could be smaller if I brought accessories inside the case and so save some space (the case it comes empty). I find them good product for the price and good audio quality (if you are not sensibke to the sharp ones).



Wow, amazing sound. Change the cable to the pure 4-core copper the store sells, but use the eartips that come by default, connected to an office laptop with an A1 DAC FIIO and there's nothing more to add. The sound is clear, the bass present, each well-defined instrument and on its site. They're not gonna regret buying it.



Delivered in 18 days together with other orders. An excellent kit for such a price, plus the seller put a couple of black ear cups. The cable is quite simple, 1,1 ohm resistance (together with multimeter wires), put kbear 16-core of silver-plated copper (0,5 ohms). Ear pads all add LF, which in my opinion even more increases the v-image of the sound, therefore, I put it with a wide sound-the sound turned out to be light. On the headphones a lot of reviews, really interesting sound, very good for their cost. At first I did not understand them, but after the selection of the ear cups with interest I crossed the library-the sound is very detailed.

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